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3.3: UltraSync Service Release Notes Edition 01 December 13th 2017 1. New Features and Changes for UltraSync SR 3.3 UltraSync+ Mobile App Hub Setup Wizard o A new setup wizard is available to make installation simpler. o The hub setup wizard will walk the installer through initial setup including, but not limited to the items below. o Connect Mobile Phone to Hub directly to begin setup. o. Thanks UoMEngineer for providing all help and updates on the subject and the Navigation thread issues. *UPDATE IS LIVE - Sync3 3.4 for 2019+ Mustangs that are currently running v3.2 or 3.3 or a prior version of 3.4 on the MY2020. Latest Version: 3.4.50 (20282) -> Dec 2019

; SYNC3 Consumer Assembly Upgrade - Release 3.3.19 - Only for Nav/NA assemblies. [SYNCGen3.0_3.3.19052] Item1 = HB5T-14G386-VEA Open1 = SyncMyRide\HB5T-14G386-VEA.tar.gz Item2 = HB5T-14G386-VBA Open2 = SyncMyRide\HB5T-14G386-VBA.tar.gz Item3 = 4U5T-14G381-AN Open3 = SyncMyRide\4U5T-14G381-AN.tar.gz Item4 = 4U5T-14G391-C It should also be noted that if you are on 3.0 (or older) it is a one way procedure, once you use the reformat utility, you can't go back to 3.0, the oldest you can go back to is 3.3. I've no idea what will happen with the official Ford offered updates as you'll no longer be on the correct software branch or Map packages. You may have to manually update from then on, unless you ask a Ford dealer to wipe and reprogram your APIM to 3.0 with IDS Neben den allgemeinen Codierungen an deinem Fahrzeug liegen auch die Sync 2 und Sync 3 Systeme im Vordergrund. Automatisches Verriegeln, Fernstart für Ford Modelle, ConversMod Firmware, Anhängerkupplung ( AHK ) freischalten, Kennfeldoptimierung... Egal worum es geht: Wir sind dein kompetenter Ansprechpartner SYNC3 Consumer Assembly Upgrade - Release 3.4.43 - Only for Nav/EU assemblies. [SYNCGen3.0_3.4.20136_PRODUCT] Mein Sync 3.3 ist immer noch auf dem Stand 19052. Auf der Ford-Seite werde ich. Please see the CMake 3.19 release notes for details on what is included. Marked many lock/guard types in the STL as nodiscard: https://github.com/microsoft/STL/pull/1495 IntelliSense

Below are the important release dates so far for the SyncBack family of products: June 2019: SyncBackPro/SE/Free V9 released; June 2017: SyncBackPro/SE/Lite/Free V8 released; October 2014: SyncBackPro/SE/Free V7 released; December 2012: SyncBackFree V6 first released to replace the old SyncBack Freeware; October 2011: SyncBackPro/SE V6 release Settings>Hue Sync Box> Your Sync Box name is where the firmware version can be found at. level 1. ironraiden. 1 point · 4 months ago. While its not explicitly stated in the changelog, this has fixed a problem I was having where my Xbox one X was not detecting the AV setup as HDR unless I toggled HDR off/on on the TV The picture of the sync display they included in that ford app notification is version 3.3. With version 3.4 the WiFi icon is on the right of the outside temp. Jan 23, 202 Wenn Sie auf das Symbol drücken, erhalten Sie die Release Note Informationen. System-Update: 2.3.17109_PRODUCT Ihr SYNC-System wurde erfolgreich auf 2.3.17109_PRODUCT aktualisiert. Dies.

Hue Sync 1.3. Improved overall experience based on height of the lights (setup done in Philips Hue main app) Added support for light state after streaming (configured in the Philips Hue main app) ß available from October onwards. Added function to adjust the brightness of the lights past 100% limit in Hue Sync app New SYNC Software Update is Available A new software update is available for vehicles with the SYNC system. This update will not work for MyFord Touch. Details and benefits are listed directly below, with instructions on how to install it in your vehicle following. This software update addresses the following issues: Bluetooth© Connectivity Improvements: [ Release notes. Bridge. Read release notes. iOS app. Read release notes. Android. Read release notes. Lamps / Luminaires. Read release notes. Hue Sync. Read release notes. Accessories. Read release notes. Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box. Read release notes. Connect with Philips Hue. Select Country United States - English Warranty; Product security; For Developers ; For Partners; Cookie notice. This document describes the features, limitations, and bugs for Cisco DNA Center, Release 1.3.3.x. Cisco DNA Center gets smarter, using machine reasoning to automatically check for inconsistencies in switch configuration and in security patches. This release also lets your Samsung smartphones tell you how to improve Wi-Fi connectivity Wise-Sync Release Notes. Wise-Sync Release Notes (2020+) Wise-Sync Release Notes 2021; Wise-Sync Update - 7 December 2020; Wise-Sync Update - 29 September 2020; Wise-Sync Update - 7th September 2020; Wise-Sync Update - 17th August 2020; Wise-Sync Update - 29th June 2020; Wise-Sync Update - 25th May 2020; Wise-Sync Update - 21 April 202

Release Notes for Cisco vEdge Device, Cisco SD-WAN Release 20.3.x What's New for Cisco SD-WAN Release 20.3.x; Important Notes, Known Behavior, and Workaround; Resolved and Open Bugs; Bugs for Cisco SD-WAN Release 20.3.3; Bugs for Cisco SD-WAN Release; Bugs for Cisco SD-WAN Release 20.3.2; Bugs for Cisco SD-WAN Release 20.3. OneDrive for Windows release notes (Production ring) Version 21.041.0228.0001 (March 16, 2021) We've resolved product issues to improve the reliability and performance of the OneDrive sync app PhotoSync 3.3.5 (3260) for Android released NEW Added support for client certificates for WebDAV connections NEW Changed write permission checks and reworked the permission settings for external SD cards Fixed upload problems in FTP with HEIC photo

A new command, cert-sync, has been added to this release, which synchronizes the Mono SSL certificate store against your OS certificate store - and this tool has been integrated into the packaging system for all mono-project.com packages, so it is automatically used when you install Mono via our packages. Just make sure the ca-certificates-mono package is installed on Debian/Ubuntu (it's always bundled on RPM-based distros) to take advantage! It should be installed on fresh installs by. SYNC v3, released in April 2009, enabled the Traffic, Directions and Information application. Later that month, Ford Work Solutions, a collection of five applications marketed towards professionals who buy Ford trucks, was added. The applications included in the Ford Work Solution were Crew Chief, Garmin Nav, LogMeIn and Tool Link. SYNC v4 and v5 were released in January 2010 and January 2011. Release Notes for Cloud Station Drive Description: Cloud Station Drive ist eine Anwendung zum Synchronisieren von Dateien zwischen Ihrem Synology NAS und Ihren PCs über das Internet, die sicherstellt, dass Ihre Daten stets aktuell sind und Sie einfach auf Ihre Dateien zugreifen können

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  1. Re-sync to Arbitrary PTP clock (#11028) If the PTP source is an arbitrary clock (no GPS clock) and that device reboots, the drastic shift in time can lead to difficulty in the iQx to re-sync. We recommend using a PTP grandmaster, which keeps maintains current time. Alternatively, when the sync is lost, reboot the iQx. RELEASE NOTES Version 1.3.3 Fixes. Fixed an issue were the DSCP tag was.
  2. Regelmäßige Ford SYNC Updates sind darauf ausgelegt Ihr Fahrerlebnis zu verbessern indem Sie immer auf dem Laufenden gehalten werden. Finden Sie heraus, ob ein SYNC-Update für Ihren Ford zur Verfügung steht
  3. FreeBSD 3.3 Release Notes RELEASE NOTES FreeBSD 3.3-RELEASE Welcome to 3.3-RELEASE, a full follow-on to 3.2-RELEASE released May 1999. In the months since 3.2 was released, many bug fixes and general enhancements have been made to the system. Please see relevant details below
  4. Release 3.3.1 is a maintenance release to fix serious defects present in release 3.3. These changes only affect some plug-ins and features. Modified plug-ins have version id 3.3.1; plug-ins unchanged since the 3.2 release still have version id 3.3.0; Note, however, that all features now have version id 3.3.1 (even if none of their plug.

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  1. 2020-04-02: was released to Early Access subscribers; 2020-04-23: was released to Early Access subscribers, fixing the fingerprint sensor on all XA2 devices, audio playback with browser and the plain-text passwords of NextCloud. Some GUI texts were added. 2020-04-28 at 14:20 EET: was released to all users
  2. October 2020 release (desktop version 4.0 and mobile version 6.0) June 2020 release (desktop version 3.3 and mobile version 5.3) February 2020 release (desktop version 3.2 and mobile version 5.2
  3. Note: This setting should only be used if your TV does not already support overscan adjustment. Additional enhancements in Upgrade 2.0 Enhances the video playback experience for Netflix and YouTube
  4. These release notes describe what has changed in LoopBack 3.0
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Version 5.4 AMP for Endpoints Release Notes 3 3 March 2021 3 March 2021 AMP for Endpoints Console 5.4.20210303 Bugfixes/Enhancements • Minor bugfixes and performance enhancements. 23 February 2021 AMP for Endpoints Android Connector New • Added support for assigning device names and bootstrap URLs through an MDM ADM 3.3 Btrfs and volume snapshots are only supported on: AS31, 32, 40, 50, 51, 61, 62, 63, 64, 70. AS5202T & AS5304T: ADM 3.4.0.R5E3. Installation Notes ASUSTOR recommends to back up any important data before updating. NAS systems running versions earlier than 3.0.2.RA22 will need to update to 3.0.2.RA22 prior to updating to 3.3.1.RIH2 Updated reactor-core to 3.3.5.RELEASE, reactor-netty to 0.9.7.RELEASE & netty to 4.1.49.Final versions. Added support for analyticalStoreTimeToLive in SDK. Key Bug Fixes. Fixed socket leak issues with Direct TCP client. Fixed orderByQuery with continuation token bug. 4.0.1-beta.2 (2020-04-21) New Features. CosmosClientException extends AzureException For more information about the VMware Identity Manager 3.3.3 release, see the VMware Identity Manager 3.3.3 Release Notes. Note n You can also freshly install VMware Identity Manager 3.3.3. To perform a fresh 3.3.3 installation, see the 3.3 version of Installing and Configuring VMware Identity Manager for Linux guide, which also applies to 3.3.3 Re-sync to Arbitrary PTP clock (#11028) If the PTP source is an arbitrary clock (no GPS clock) and that device reboots, the drastic shift in time can lead to difficulty in the iQx to re-sync. We recommend using a PTP grandmaster, which keeps maintains current time. Alternatively, when the sync is lost, reboot the iQx. RELEASE NOTES Version 1.3.3 Fixe

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  1. 3.3.4 (High severity security update) This patch release addresses a remote code execution vulnerability discovered in Canopy's email template system. An authenticated user who has write access to a phase was able to execute arbitrary code as the canopy user on the host system
  2. Find binaries and reference documentation for current and past versions of Gradle
  3. We've just successfully updated Workspace 365 towards version 3.3.0. The announced improvements are now live. The release notes of this update can be reviewed here: Additions. Quickly find your groups in the AD Sync tool and AAD Sync tool with the new search functionality
  4. HandBrake 1.3.3 Released Saturday, June 13, 2020 The HandBrake Team is pleased to announce the release of HandBrake 1.3.3. This release focuses on fixing a number of bugs and issues with the 1.3.1 release. If you happen to discover any reproducible bugs or issues, please tell us about them on our GitHub issue tracker
  5. Release Notes > System Requirements > Synchronization Service. Table 5: Synchronization Service requirements. Requirement. Details. Platform. Any of the following: Intel 64 (EM64T) AMD64. Processor speed: 2.0 GHz or faster
  6. Below you will find an extensive list of the work that went into MorphOS 3.3. Please note that this is just an overview and does not mention or explain every new feature. MorphOS 3.3 boot.img Changes. The following is a (probably incomplete) list of changes made between the 3.2 and 3.3 release of MorphOS to the ROM (boot.img) based components. Quark and Related Modules. Fixed UniNorth setup.

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Updated (SE/Pro): When using a sync profile the default storage location for versions is now a sub-folder of the base folder Updated: Estimated time left is more accurate when copying a mix of large and small files . V9.4.2.10 SyncBackPro, SyncBackSE, SyncBackFree (21st September 2020) New: Edit Schedule button now has drop-down menu so can create a schedule to run only when logged on (no. What's New in 5.3.3. This document describes pre-upgrade instructions, new features, bug fixes, and enhancements for the FortiSIEM 5.3.3 release. New Features; Enhancements; Bug Fixes and Enhancements; Known Issues; New Features. This release includes the following new features: Use Pre-Computed Results in Search; Use Pre-Computed Results in Searc ,tronix SPG8000A Master Sync I Clock Reference Generator Release Notes This document supports Firmware Version 3.2.1 and 3.3. www.tek.com 077-1222-0

This document describes enhancements and fixes introduced in the 10.3.3 release. For upgrade instructions and considerations, reference the Upgrade Guide for Recovery Series, Recovery MAX, and Unitrends Backup. Enhancements Unitrends 10.3.3 builds on the success of Unitrends 10.3.2 with the following enhancement Version 5.0.10 Official release notes — 6/09/2014. Updated OpenSSL to 0.9.8za; Version 5.0 is end-of-life and will see no further updates; Version 5.0.9 Official release notes — 5/27/2014. Fixed information disclosure for SSH s. Analysis of fialed result could allow attacker to determine if an account exists or not. Thanks to.

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Release Notes for Cloud Station ShareSync Description: Important note: Cloud Station ShareSync will now be succeeded by a new application, Synology Drive ShareSync, which can automatically be installed along with Synology Drive Server. With Synology Drive Server and Synology Drive ShareSync, you will experience optimized file synchronization performance as well as new feature updates. We recommend upgrading to Synology Drive Server for a seamless application migration. Cloud Station. PhotoSync Companion 3.3.7 für Windows veröffentlicht NEU Anonymisierte Absturzberichte hinzugefügt, um Abstürze besser analysieren und beheben zu können Abstürze beim Programmstart behoben, die durch defekte Einstellungsdateien oder Probleme beim Update von Einstellungsdateien ausgelöst wurde

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Releases > Moodle 3.9.3 release notes Release date: 9 November 2020 Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.9.3 Sync over Cable - enables the use of the USB cable and your Internet-computer to sync notes and audio to Evernote if WiFi is not available. Activate over Cable confirms your smartpen is activated and linked to a Livescribe account. Set Clock over Cable eliminates the need to manually set the clock Read the full Backbone Issue Sync 3.3.4 release notes Collapsed Expanded 3.3.3 Jira Server 6.3 - 7.3.9 2017-05-12 Fixed issue when connecting to Jira Cloud instances Download Version 3.3.3 • Released 2017-05-12 • Supported By K15t • Paid via Atlassian • Commercia 6.3.3 Vocera Localization Suite Unified Release Notes 6.3.2 Vocera Localization Suite Unified Release Notes 6.3.1 Vocera Localization Suite Unified Release Notes 1.3.3: 18 May 2007 Improvements to many effects. New Auto Duck effect. New DTMF Tone generator. Major speed improvement in Spectrogram rendering. 1.3.2: 30 October 2006 Timer recording. Auto-save and automatic crash recovery. Improved batch processing. 1.3.1: 26 September 2006 Release Notes not available. 1.3.0: 28 November 2005 Release Notes not available. 1.2.

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Ford SYNC 3 mit Apple CarPlay und Android Auto. Ford SYNC 3 unterstützt sowohl Apple CarPlay als auch Android Auto - damit bekommen Sie nicht nur weitere Funktionen wie Musik, Karten und Apps über Ihr Telefon, sondern auch die vertraute Optik von iOS bzw. Android direkt auf den Touchscreen von Ford SYNC 3. So aktivieren Sie Apple CarPlay: Verbinden Sie Ihr Apple-Gerät mit dem originalen. Resolved Issues Work Order # Description DEF94970 Resolved an issue where trusted domains failed to sync after upgrading to 3.8.2. Version Release Notes SWA Release Notes Note: If you want to downgrade from version SYNC 3.4 Built 20021 to version SYNC 3.3, you have to remove the file GB5T-14G386-AB.tar.gz from the SYNC 3.3 package and delete the two lines from autoinstall.ls Mesa 20.3.4 Release Notes / 2021-01-29¶. Mesa 20.3.4 is a bug fix release which fixes bugs found since the 20.3.3 release. Mesa 20.3.4 implements the OpenGL 4.6 API, but the version reported by glGetString(GL_VERSION) or glGetIntegerv(GL_MAJOR_VERSION) / glGetIntegerv(GL_MINOR_VERSION) depends on the particular driver being used Release Notes ¶ 2.1.0 (May ** 3.3.x., 3.4.x, 3.5.x (#326) It is always recommended to use the latest version of redis-py to avoid issues and compatiblity problems. Fixed bug preventing reinitialization after getting MOVED errors ; Add testing of redis-esrver 6.0 versions to travis and unit tests; Add python 2.7 compatiblity note about deprecation and upcomming changes in python 2.7.

Duplicate note off events are no longer sometimes sent from channel strips that have the No Transpose switch enabled. A sustain pedal off message is now sent to external MIDI instruments when the sustain pedal is released after changing patches. The Layer Bypass parameter state again returns to its saved state when selecting a different patch mohsha-msft released this Aug 18, 2020 · 78 commits to master since this release New features azcopy sync now supports the persistence of ACLs between supported resources (Windows and Azure Files) using the --persist-smb-permissions flag

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Site specific release percentages should then be manually checked and provided. Also the specific Release percentages of modelled biological STP from Box1 are not considered for the calculation of the regional PEC. 1.5. CSR generation When generating the full CSR see the release note of the CSR report generator, available a 3.3.0: NETQ-8245: If a NetQ Agent is downgraded to the 3.0.0 version from any higher release, the default commands file present in the /etc/netq/commands/ also needs to be updated to prevent the NetQ Agent from becoming rotten. 3.0.0-3.3.0: NETQ-8117: NetQ UI: Switches with LLDP enabled only on eth0 are not shown on the topology diagram. 3.3.0.

Processor SDK Linux 06_03_00_106 1. Overview; 2. Release Specific; 3. Foundational Component Releases > Moodle 3.3 release notes . Release date: 15 May 2017 Here is the full list of fixed issues in 3.3.. See our New Features page for a more user-friendly introduction to Moodle 3.3 with screenshots.. If you are upgrading from previous version, make sure you read the Upgrading documentation Source: Ford Sync 3 Version 3.0 Release North America [NAV and NONE NAV Versions] [Download] - 2015+ S550 Mustang Forum (GT, GT350, GT500, Mach 1, Ecoboost) - Mustang6G.com Reactions: Azampatti , tkronic , mrdouble99 and 6 other

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Release Notes for LDS Tools 3.3; Release Notes for LDS Tools 3.2; Release Notes for LDS Tools 3.1; Release Notes for LDS Tools 3.0; Release 4.0 . Date Released: July 16, 2020. Membership Related. Automatic updates can be enabled so any changes will be received without having to manually sync. Setting can be adjusted in the Update menu. Weekly sacrament meeting attendance can be recorded. 3.3 Version 2.00 firmware revision history 18 Control Panels Table of Contents | en 3 Bosch Security Systems, Inc. Release Notes 2014.07 | 04 | F.01U.299.698. 3.3.1 New User interface 18 3.3.2 Advanced custom functions 18 3.3.3 32 character text 18 3.3.4 RADION wireless 18 3.3.5 B920/B930 keypads 19 3.3.6 Legacy keypads 19 3.3.7 IPv6 19 3.3.8 Gas alarm support 19 3.3.9 Remote security control. WPSiteSync for Content v1.6.1 Release Notes; Announcing Our Highest Number of WPSiteSync Extension Updates in One Day! WPSiteSync for Auto Sync v1.1 Release Notes; WPSiteSync for Advanced Custom Fields v1.1 Release Notes; WPSiteSync for Authors v1.1 Release Notes; Recent Comments. Jeremiah Rotich on WPSiteSync for Content v1.6.1 Release Notes

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Last week I upgrade my non nav SYNC 3 to 3.4 20021, but I wasn't very happy how it's look. So now, I'm trying to downgrade at 3.0, or 3.2 or 3.3. In order to do that, I followed the instruction from cyanlabs.net websit Homepage > Release Notes for Apps > Copia de seguridad / Sincronización > Qsync Central. Qsync Central . Qsync Central ( 2021/03/18 ) [Fixed Issues] - For the TS-x31 series, using Version Control would use up all the space on the RAMDisk. Qsync Central ( 2021/03/09 ) [New Features] - Added support for Hybrid Backup Sync (HBS 3). Qsync Central ( 2020/09/26. This release of Android Studio is a solid milestone for the product. If you want the latest in feature refinement and quality, then download Android Studio 3.3 today on the stable release channel. Watch and read below for some of the notable changes and enhancements that you will find in Android Studio 3.3 If you are installing or later releases, perform the below procedure to configure settings for JBoss application server. If you are installing on AEM Forms server running on Oracle WebLogic or IBM WebSpehere application servers, no additional configuration is required. For further details, see AEM Release Notes SeaMonkey 2.3.3 contains the following major changes relative to SeaMonkey 2.2: (SeaMonkey 2.3.3) - Removed trust exceptions for certificates issued by Staat der Nederlanden (see bug 683449 and the security advisory) (SeaMonkey 2.3.3) - Resolved an issue with gov.uk websites (see bug 669792)(SeaMonkey 2.3.2) - Revoked the root certificate for DigiNotar due to fraudulent SSL certificate.

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May 2017. K15t Software is proud to announce the release of Backbone Issue Sync 3.3.3. This release includes the following fixes; Fixed issue when connecting to JIRA Cloud instan This edition applies to version 9, release 0, modification 0 of IBM® i2® iBase and to all subsequent releases and modifications until otherwise indicated in new editions. Ensure that you are reading the appropriate document for the version of the product that you are using. To find a specific version of this document, access the Release Free download page for Project Notes to Google Sync's Release_1.3.3.txt.** PLEASE NOTE: My company is moving to Exchange, so the limited work I was doing on this application will be ending. Thanks for those that have been using it, I appreciate your comments. For. Release Notes . ver. 6.5.1 . NEW. Support for SoundCloud Go+: High Quality Streaming. macOS Big Sur now supported. (Driver software included) IMPROVED. You can use rekordbox (Hardware Unlock) when the following mixer and PC/Mac are connected via USB cable and the mixer and the CDJ-3000 are connected via LAN. DJM-TOUR1 DJM-900NXS2. Added the following format for rendering audio files in EDIT.

Sync Box Firmware Update 1

Release Notes/Change Logs for MusicBee, See the changes made throughout MusicBee's journe Suuntolink Release Notes. Version 3.4.5 26.1.2021. With this SuuntoLink release we bring enhancements to the user experience for multiple watch families. For Suunto 9 and Spartan, SuuntoLink no longer connects to Movescount. Users that have previously connected to Movescount are guided to Suunto app and to import their Movescount history. Suunto 5 can now optimize GPS through SuuntoLink. Release Log . 5.3.3 Update. December 10, 2020. Added support for macOS Big Sur (11). Fixed minor graphics issues in macOS Big Sur. Fixed issue where plug-ins would sometimes crash on instantiation in GarageBand or Maschine on macOS Catalina. Improved handling of bad floating point values. Fixed graphical issues with pattern editors. Fixed tempo sync during offline render in certain plug-ins.

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For previous Logic Pro release notes, see the following: Logic Pro 10.4 release notes; Logic Pro 10.3 release notes; Logic Pro 10.2 release notes; Logic Pro 10.1 release notes; Logic Pro 10.0 release notes; Visit the Logic Pro page to learn more about Logic Pro. Refer to Logic Pro Help for further information on settings or installation Release notes specific to Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 Cumulative Fix Packs. Learn about the latest new features in AEM 6.4 in the release notes. Adobe Experience League. Learn . All Learning Recommended Courses Courses Documentation Quick how-tos Search Results Explore topics Instructor-led training. Connect. Community home Adobe Experience Manager Adobe Analytics Adobe Campaign Adobe Target. 3.3.2. Released November 2017. Firmware-only release, aligned with software release 3.3. New Features: There are no new features with this release. Updates: There are no updates on this release. Resolved firmware issues: Resolved a problem that could cause the analog telephone interface on VT units dial additional DTMF digits while commanded to dial during a phone conversation. Products. 3.3.2 (March 2019) This minor update includes various bug fixes and performance improvements. To see a list of notable bug fixes, read the related post on the Release Updates blog. 3.3.1 (February 2019) This minor update includes various bug fixes and performance improvements

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